Requirements:   Level 70 or higher.
  Win Veridical Conflux 1 (more than once?)
  Boss:    Harpeia x5
  Reward:   Information


  Drops:   Information
  Armoury Crate (Top 5):   Information
  Armoury Crate (Boss):   ??? EXP (based on rank)
  Durium Ore
  Pixie Hairpin
  Phrygian Ore
  Behemoth Horn
  Khimaira Horn
  Water Spider's Web
  Aisha: Ichi
  Frayed Pouch of Decay
  Sveltesse Gouriz
  Wukong's Hakama


  • Accessible by winning Veridical Conflux 1(more than once?). Everyone on the server will have access to it, once unlocked.
  • Harpeia are Khimaira mobs. Can use Fulmination at any time so a stunner is recommended.
  • Can be won by an experienced party of 6 with minimal difficulty.

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