Requirements:   Level 70 or higher.
  Monsters:   Bedraggled Bale x8
  Begrimed Bale x8
  Boss:   Jebutoise x2
  Reward:   Information



  Devious Die
  Coin of Advancement
  Coin of Ruin
  Coin of Decay
  Coin of Glory


  Holy II
  Yurin: Ichi
  Esper Stone
  Gigantes Boots
  Ombre Tathlum


  Phrygian Ore
  Gold Ore
  Silver Ingot
  Darksteel Ingot
  Platinum Ingot
  Mythril Ingot
  Demon Horn
  Ancient Beast Horn
  Gold Beastcoin



FFXI Walk of Echoes - Conflux 08 (Full Battle)14:40

FFXI Walk of Echoes - Conflux 08 (Full Battle)

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