Start NPC Chapi Galepilai - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-10)
Requirements Fame 1
Items Needed At least one of the following:
KeyItemClone ward reinforcement pack
KeyItemPack of outpost repair tools
KeyItemPulse martello repair pack
Repeatable No
Reward For 3: 400 Cruor, 100 Resistance Credits

For 2: 200 Cruor, 50 Resistance Credits
For 1: 100 Cruor, 25 Resistance Credits

Wayward Wares Supply Point Locations

Map of Supply Point locations.


Game Description

Chapi Galepilai (Base Camp, Abyssea - Attohwa)
A shipment of essential supplies intended for the Resistance outpost has been intercepted. Recover the scattered materials and deliver them to their intended destination.

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