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Weapon Skill Secondary Attribute Modifier (WSC) is additional base damage, taken from a percentage of certain Stats when performing weapon skills.
The stats vary between weapon skills. Typically, each weapon skill will have 1 or 2 default stats for WSC.

For example, all archery WS have a WSC of STR 16% and AGI 25%, which means 16% of your STR and 25% of your AGI will be calculated as base damage when performing all archery WS.

  • There is a variable α(Alpha) which scales down your WSC value as you level up.
α for each level (range):
Level Range Alpha Value
Level 1~5 1.00
Level 6~11 0.99
Level 12~17 0.98
Level 18~23 0.97
Level 24~29 0.96
Level 30~35 0.95
Level 36~41 0.94
Level 42~47 0.93
Level 48~53 0.92
Level 54~59 0.91
Level 60~61 0.90
Level 62~63 0.89
Level 64~65 0.88
Level 66~67 0.87
Level 68~69 0.86
Level 70~71 0.85
Level 72~73 0.84
Level 74~75 0.83

  • To calculate WSC with α:
Let A and B equal the first and second stat modifier (e.g. STR, VIT)
where A% and B% are the respective modify percentages (e.g. 30%,50%)
WSC = floor (floor((A x A%) + (B x B%)) x α)

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