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The chart below shows the Weather Type term the Weather Reporter NPC would use, and the corresponding in-game Icon.

Icon Weather Type
no Icon Sunny/Sunshine/Fair/Fog/Clouds
Trans Fire-Trans FireTrans Fire Fire Hot Spells/Heat Waves
Trans Earth-Trans EarthTrans Earth Earth Dust Storms/Sand Storms
Trans Water-Trans WaterTrans Water Water Rain/Squalls
Trans Wind-Trans WindTrans Wind Wind Winds/Gales
Trans Ice-Trans IceTrans Ice Ice Snow/Blizzards
Trans Lightning-Trans LightningTrans Lightning Lightning Thunder/Thunderstorms
Trans Light-Trans LightTrans Light Light Auroras/Stellar Glare
Trans Dark-Trans DarkTrans Dark Dark Gloom/Miasma

The following NPCs will forecast the weather around Vana'diel. This can help to locate where Elementals will spawn and also help complete the quests Get the Picture, I Can Hear a Rainbow, Recollections and Trial of the Magians.

Name Location Forecast Zones
Amaja-Kumaja Rabao (F-8)
Appollonia Upper Jeuno (G-6)
Eya Bhithroh Port Windurst (M-7)
Fo Mocorho Port Bastok (J-11)
Furan-Furin Windurst Waters North (F-8)
Gennoue Tavnazian Safehold (H-8)
Inthius Eastern Adoulin (F-9)
Leffquen Port Jeuno (K-8)
Maleme Southern San d'Oria (J-8)
Mariadok Bastok Mines (I-9)
Mushuhi-Metahi Windurst Woods (K-12)
Pekuku Mhaura (H-9)
Sajaaya Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-9)
Shashan-Mishan Lower Jeuno (F-11)
Shidzue Norg (H-9)
Svana Bastok Markets (H-10)
Tcinono Kazham (G-7)
Wachiwi Selbina (H-9)

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